Volleyball Booster Club

Check here for information about the booster club:


Concession Sign Up Genius – Kimberly Ruthenbeck

Team Email Organization – Kimberly Ruthenbeck

Scrimmage Bagels – Traci Meyer

Treasurer – Traci Meyer

Cookie Sales –

  • Monday 9/12 @ 3:00 order/money turn in day helpers: Kim Gjerness and Wendy Long

Program Ads – Melanie Nelson

Player Ads – Kimberly Ruthenbeck

Program and Poster – Allison Erickson

Photographers– Allison Erickson and Peter Gjerness

Varsity Match Music – Erik Swenson


Parent Night –


Girls give flowers and thank you cards to their parents, need a microphone. Work with print shop to get the thank you cards.  Give them to each team’s coach to have the girl’s write out their notes-Traci Meyer

Long stem carnations with blue ribbons tied to stems.

Can Midori and/or Geoff sing the national anthem/Pep Band? Traci Meyer to look into. Traci Meyer also look into reserving a microphone.


 Royal Invite Tournament – Sept 16

All parents and players will be needed on this date


Hospitality Suite:

Concessions: Kimberly Ruthenbeck


Junior High and Youth Night –  (Junior High and youth get in free)


Pep band, Announcer coordination, event between set 2 and 3


Senior Night – 


Cake, Water, Plates/Napkins/Forks, Balloon per senior, Poster per senior, Gift per senior, Reserve a table through athletic department and a microphone – can Midori and/or Geoff sing the national anthem?

Traci Meyer will inquire about Geoff and Midori and Pep Band


End of Season Banquet November ? (typically the Tuesday after State tournament ends)

  • Confirm reservation, Menu, Projector and Screen, Sound System, Podium, Microphone at Minneapolis Golf Club –
  • Evite –
  • Track RSVPs and registration money –
  • Decorate tables –
  • All Team Video-