Special Orders/Team Apparel

The Spirit Shop is available to supply custom items for any Hopkins team, club, or school organization. We offer a wide variety of catalogs and have suppliers available for specific brands. This information will serve as a guide for you and your organization as you design and order spirit wear through the Hopkins High School Spirit Shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact?
Please email the us at spirit.shop@hopkinsschools.org

How long does it take to get the order?
It is best to plan at least 2+ months ahead of when you want your items, especially when members of a team will be creating their own design and layout and will be ordering multiple items, i.e., sweatshirts with pants. It is critical to promptly receive commitments from your group as to the quantity needed, sizes, and any personalization (student’s name, jersey #, etc.) in order to avoid delays. Getting this information can take several weeks for all teammates to reply and pay you.

The length of time also depends on your choices you have made. Some suppliers are local, but ordering items that need to be shipped could add 1 to 2 weeks to the lead time. We do use local screen printers and embroiderers whenever possible. The more decisions you have made ahead of time the faster we can turn things around for you. T-shirts can be printed quickly, usually within 2 weeks, if the design your team/club wants is already drawn out.

What factors contribute to the price?

Several things affect the price you pay. Choice of brand name, style of shirt or pant, type of fabric, shipping costs, the size of the design, the number of places where designs are placed, i.e., front, back, sleeves, pockets. Small orders can cost more than larger orders. The set-up costs are the same whether you customize 25 shirts or 100 shirts which will impact your unit cost. We order wholesale whenever possible, to minimize your costs.

How do we submit payment?
The Spirit Shop accepts credit, cash, and checks. Full payment is due immediately upon pick-up of your spirit wear items.

Contact the Spirit Shop Manager, Julie Anderson via email or by phone

 Spirit.Shop@hopkinsschools.org   952-988-4551



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