Royals News · 1st Annual Winter Workout Challenge

In an effort to share some at-home workouts and help our students and staff get some relief/release from the stress of the pandemic, our Licensed Athletic Trainer, Stephanie Reinisch has developed the Winter Workout Challenge!  We hope that you will take part, share with your family and friends, and challenge yourself to do as many of these mini-workouts as possible.  Track your point totals – the highest reported point total will win some really cool Hopkins swag!!  Along the way, share photos, videos, comments, etc of you grinding it out in the #HopkinsWinterWorkoutChallenge

Each day there will be a new challenge and exercise to help get you up and moving while also targeting some key muscles. This is intended to help and make each day a little different. Feel free to do more than what is posted. If an exercise is something you cannot perform due to a previous injury or current pain, there will be modified movements you can try to safely complete the exercise(s). Each day there will be a special challenge that if done can get you bonus points, along with that there will be a select amount of exercises (depending on the day) for you to also complete. It is meant to be something fun and I hope that you all enjoy this over the next few weeks!

  1. Do your best and have fun!
  2. Go hard or go home (wait you are at home…)
  3. Keep track of your points. (downloadable calendar)
  4. Include others to join you!


Week of Nov. 24-29th
Week of Nov. 30th-Dec. 6th
Week of Dec. 7-13th
Week of Dec. 14-20
Week of Dec. 21-27
Week of Dec. 28-Jan.3